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11 - Feb - 2015

Natural treatments to promote good health and wellbeing.

Qi, Blood and Dody Fluid

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Qi, Blood and Body Fluid

Qi, Blood and Body Fluid

Qi, blood and body fluid are fundamental substances which maintain the normal vital activities of the human body. They are the material foundation for the physiological functions of the zang-fu organs, tissues and meridians. Though the theory of qi, blood and body fluid can be used independently, it is often combined with the theory of the zang-fu organs, the tissues, and the meridians to explain the physiological functions of human body.


According to ancient Chinese thought, qi was the fundamental substance constituting the universe, and all phenomena were produced by the changes and movement of qi. This viewpoint greatly influenced the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Generally speaking, the word "qi" in traditional Chinese medicine denotes both the essential substances of the human body which maintain its vital activities, and the functional activities of the zang-fu organs and tissues.


Blood is a red liquid circulating in the vessels, and is a vital nutrient substance in the body. As the fundamental substances required in blood formation originate from food essence produced by the spleen and stomach, these two organs are regarded as the source of qi and blood. After being formed, blood normally circulates in the vessels throughout the body, and is acted upon jointly by the heart, liver and spleen. Blood circulates throughout the body In this way blood nourishes and moistens the various tissues and organs of the body. So blood is the material foundation for mental activities.

Body Fluid

Body fluid is a collective term for all the normal fluids of the body. Body fluid is formed from food and drink after its digestion and absorption by the spleen and stomach. The distribution and excretion of body fluid principally rely on the spleen's function of transportation, the lung's function of dispersing and descending and regulating water passages, and the kidney's function of controlling urination and separating the clear and the turbid. Of these three organs, the kidney is the most important. Body fluid moistens and nourishes various parts of the body.


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