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11 - Feb - 2015

Natural treatments to promote good health and wellbeing.

Meridians and collaterals

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Meridians And Collaterals

Meridians and Collaterals

Meridians and Collaterals

The meridians and collaterals are pathways in which the qi and blood of the human body are circulated. They pertain to the zang-fu organs interiorly and extend over the body exteriorly, forming a network and linking the tissues and organs into an organic whole. The meridians, which constitute the main trunks, run longitudinally and interiorly within the body; while the collaterals, which represent branches of the meridians, run transversely and superficially from the meridians.

The meridians and collaterals are collectively termed Jingluo (meridians and collaterals) in traditional Chinese medicine. This system of meridians and collaterals includes the twelve regular meridians, eight extra meridians, fifteen collaterals, twelve divergent meridians, twelve muscle regions and twelve cutaneous regions.

The network of the meridians and collaterals is closely connected with the tissues and organs of the body, and plays an important role in human physiology, pathology, prevention and treatment of ailments. Its function is transporting qi and blood and regulating yin and yang,resisting pathogens and reflecting symptoms and signs, and transmitting needling sensation and regulating deficiency and excess conditions.

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